4 Key Areas of Self Care

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We’ve been doing more on YouTube lately, but I just realized we’ve been negligent on adding the videos to the blog. I’m going to remedy that today and post them from oldest to most recent. We’d love any feedback, and if you have topics you’d like us to cover, or anything you want to ask us, feel free!

Here’s a video we did on 4 Key Areas of Self Care.

The Divine Feminine is Awakening

The great awakening has begun and is only going to continue through the next few years…all will be affected.  Many are like me, First Wave lightworkers (Twin Flames, Empaths, Starseeds, etc.), who are here to assist in the raising the vibration of the planet.  We have gone first and have gone through a lot, I mean a fucking lot of shit, in order to clear the way for the rest of humanity to awaken and ascend.  The 3D density of Gaia, or Earth, is falling.  In it’s place a 4D density, a lighter world, built from the heart space…where Unity and Christ Consciousness prevail and it is being led by humans who resonate as feminine energy…gender plays no role here, it is just the vehicle…it is the soul I speak of when I say feminine/masculine.  The Divine Feminine is rising, awakening to her truth and seeking equality and justice.  Not just for them, but for all of humanity.  We understand that the masculine’s are just as programmed, of not more so, and just as hurt.  We know healing both the masculine and feminine, balancing the energies will heal our children, will create a New Earth for all.

Divine feminines are feeling the call to something better, something different, something magical.  Our intuition is off the mother fucking charts, yet we battle with it…change is not easy and we have not been programmed to be independent in every way, to trust ourselves no matter what others think.  We are needed though and the Universe is assisting us in awakening/ascension, even if it means making us uncomfortable. The Divine knows we are  bad asses and can handle it, learn from it.   We are seeing our truths, breaking free from the labels, expectations, judgments and just general fuckery patriarchal programming has caused.

We are walking away from jobs, careers, relationships…anything that no longer serves us, where giving and receiving are not equal.  We are fucking pissed at patriarchal programming that has us objectified sexually, demeans our intuitive gifts, teaches nurturing, compassion, grace and gentleness are submissive qualities, that emotions are “weak” and let’s be honest, just the general enslavement and dis-empowerment that has gone on for thousands of years, fucking thousands…it’s time, y’all.  The Universe is calling for balance, justice and equality for ALL, no race, no gender, no sexuality biases and Divine Feminines MUST lead the way…WE are leading the way.  I see my sisters awakening everyday, I see many in ascension beginning to step into their missions and share their stories, uniting us.   It’s so damn exciting, challenging fo’ sho, but so fucking exhilarating to know what’s coming and be a part of a change we never believed we would see.

So where does this start…by loving your damn self.  As within, so without.  If you want to be treated with respect, then respect yourself…say no, set boundaries and walk the fuck away from anyone/thing that doesn’t.  If you want abundance, than think and believe you are abundant, release the guilt, shame and resentment that makes you feel unworthy…practice self care, treat yourself as if you are abundant.  If you want love, then be love, forgive and show compassion to those that hurt you…be the perfect partner to/for yourself…take yourself out to eat, to a movie, whatever it is that makes you happy, do it with yourself.  The universe will bring your perfect partner when you’re ready.  My point, focus on you…your happiness, joy, passions, the life you want to create…the rest will work itself out.

Feminines are guided to me daily for advice on all things spiritual, as well as, healing sessions.  I am so happy to help in anyway I can, as I know first hand how amazing, magical and miraculous life can be after awakening.  Yes, the soul work of ascension is hard, but the magic and miracles become more and more frequent…a great motivator to continue doing your healing work.

Divine feminines are awakening.  Awakening to our power, intuitive gifts, strength, grace and dignity.  Releasing shame, guilt, resentment, anger and taking our motherfucking power back.  We are like the phoenix, rising from the ashes of patriarchal programming, to lead the way to balance, justice and equality.  We lead by example and it all starts with love…self-love.

Shit tons of love & light


Divine Feminine Rising


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The Heart of the Matter

Oh love, where do I even begin…the heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, no big surprise there.  When this green chakra is balanced we feel peaceful, loving, accepting, compassionate, warm and open.  I feel it’s important to point out that this chakra is all about pure, unconditional love…one of the highest vibrations we can have.  Sadly, this pure love is rarely experienced.  As within, so without…my mantra…meaning what we feel on the inside is what we experience on the outside.  In my experience, most humans do not have this type of love for themselves, therefore cannot give this pure love to others.  Hurt people, hurt people…it is not love that causes pain, it is the absence of love, of self love.  We are not hurt by love, but by humans that do not know how to love. Self-love is the foundation to living a fulfilled life.

Meditation and chakra work have been instrumental practices for my journey to self love.  Chakra’s help identify where healing needs to take place in order to develop a pure love of self.  As an Empath, it’s always been easy for me to give pure love to others, expecting nothing in return…it’s what Empaths do.  However, giving myself that pure love was another story.  An overactive heart chakra will manifest feelings of jealousy, co-dependency and self sacrifice.  The last 2 being huge in my life.  I would give and give and give and get nothing in return.  Conditioning has taught feminines that this is an acceptable way to live and I see this happen far to often to amazing women.  Let me tell you something…NO ONE WILL FILL YOUR CUPS FOR YOU, YOU HAVE TO DO IT FOR YOUR DAMN SELF!!  One, if not the biggest lesson, I have learned through my spiritual awakening.  Once you are in the space of pure love of self, it is absolutely magical what comes back…pure love…fucking weird, lol.  I feel many believe that pure love means giving and being walked all over, at least that’s the way it worked for me.  Now that I absolutely love me, all of me (shadows included), boundaries have become easy.   With me it’s pretty simple, if you come at me with low vibes, you gots to go.  It’s harder with family, of course, but there are still ways to protect your energy and keep it vibin’ high.

When the heart chakra is blocked, we encounter humans who are apathetic, bitter, hateful, intolerant and have trust issues.  Anyone come to mind?  I don’t know about you all, but i can think of many.  Actually most people I know, don’t have much self love going on.  My mother has been the hardest person to set boundaries with, but as uncomfortable as it was, she is beginning to respect them and what a fucking change in our relationship.  Self love has also made it easy for me to see that her judgments are simply a reflection of her, nothing to do with me. That’s the thing we’re not taught, that the people who hurt us are hurting on the inside…it really has absolutely nothing, not a single fucking thing to do with us.  Yet, we take it personally.  If you have read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I suggest you get a hold of it.

Self love is about accepting all that one is…light and dark.  Showing yourself compassion and forgiveness when mistakes are made.  Understanding that we are perfect souls, having imperfect human experiences.  It’s the absolute, utter knowing that you are perfect just the way you are.  It’s forgiving those who hurt us, but more importantly forgiving ourselves and it’s fucking hard, but oh so worth it.  Self love is more than facials, spa days and shopping…it’s implementing daily practices like meditation, yoga, whatever the fuck makes your heart happy.  It’s digging deep, using the information from chakra work, to identify where healing needs to take place in order to get to that place of a balanced heart chakra.   As a healer, it’s what I teach and guide others to do, so please do not hesitate to reach out if interested and committed to doing the work it takes to love yourself, fill your own cups and live the fulfilled life you deserve.

Peace Love & Light Y’all


P.S.  What are you doing today to show yourself some love?

P.P.S.  Energy Infographic:

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I Have No Fucking Clue What I’m Doing

I’m going to be honest, I seriously have no fucking idea what I’m doing with my life.  I’m stuck between the old Ego me and still discovering the authentic me.  It’s weird, like I’m floating between the two and some days I just want to go back, be a teacher, live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes I wish I hadn’t awakened, that I didn’t know what I know.  Not just about myself but about the humanity, the universe.  But I am too awake to know that that is Ego talking, the safe, comfortable and familiar is what we as humans always go back to, even when it goes against out intuition.  We have been programmed not to trust ourselves, our truth.  We have had fears and insecurities instilled in us for lifetimes.  (I have done some past life regression and Tarot readings and HOLY SHIT…more on that to come.)  We don’t just carry pain these self-limiting beliefs from this lifetime, but from every lifetime and from our ancestors.  The need for all of us to heal is deep, I feel the Universal energy gently pushing us to awaken, to transform through healing.  So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing, healing myself.  Literally, just that, no job, bills piling up, debt growing and still no fucking clue how to use this new me and my natural gifts/abilities to help others heal.  My giant leap of faith is feeling pretty overwhelming right now.

So, I’m in a place where I’ve really had to look at patterns of behavior and thought.  Our though patterns can be severely limiting.  That bastard Ego is always trying to take the upper hand.  I will not let it win this time…my big pattern…PROCRASTINATION…pretty sure there’s a whole lot of us with this self-limiting belief pattern.  Through mediation, guidance with Tarot cards and journal I understand why, we as humans, procrastinate.  It’s about a lack of self-confidence, a fear of failure, it really has nothing to do with laziness.  We are all energy, and having high vibrational energies is what is natural to us as spiritual beings.  We have learned to use procrastination as a band-aid for not believing we’re enough, we are deserving.  I am guilty of it, for sure.  Sure there are times, when we procrastinate and it’s just about not wanting to do something that isn’t as fun as something else…I’m all for that procrastination…Life is supposed to be fun!  We should always choose the things that bring use joy.  Writing today is my way of breaking out of this stupid, fucking pattern that doesn’t serve me.  I intend to start writing at least 3 times a week…if anyone wants to hold me to it, please do 🙂  I also set some other goals today while journaling.

When I feel Ego and low energies coming in, I first have to identify if they are mine or not.  The Empath struggle is real.  When they are not mine, I simply say, “Please take your shit back with love and hugs from me.”  Sounds crazy, but for any Empaths out there, it really works for me.  It’s the same with Ego, I know it is not a though coming from my soul, or the Divine (the medium struggle is real, too).  Ego speaks differently, it’s harsh, judgemental, negative, pointing out faults.  Our soul and the Divine speak from a place of unconditional love, gently, positive, supporting our authenticity.  Just taking a few, quiet minutes (mini-meditations, I like to call them) can help pinpoint where emotions and thoughts are coming from.  Once this is identified the self-healing, self transformation, the self-love can begin.

Keeping it real…loving myself is the hardest fucking thing I’ve had to do, but Oh My Goddess is it transformational in all the most glorious ways. Truth, I am NOT going back, I will not be a slave to outdated systems.  I will EMPOWER myself by sharing my truth & honoring my soul’s purpose to be an Empath Healer, because this is what makes ME happy.  Take some time today to reflect on your thoughts and energies…choose to make your heart, your soul, YOURSELF happy.

Peace, Love & Light


5D Girl in a 3D World

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