See More with Your Eye, than with Your Eyes

Oh me, oh my…so much to say about the 6th Chakra, the Third Eye chakra.  This Indigo chakra is located in the center of your forehead.  It is the energy center for intuition, imagination, self-realization, clarity, transcendence and psychic abilities.  These past few days, as we move towards the Blood Moon Eclipse (which is expected to be the longest eclipse, ever), the energies are crazy and my third eye has been going through a serious activation.  Feeling tingling in the forehead, pressure around the eyes and temples are signs of your third eye opening and these have been super intense for me.  The universal energies are affecting everyone, whether aware of it, or not.  For me, this time is a serious shift in my ascension.  I did a daily draw reading with Selfish Mitch this morning and her first card was the 6th chakra card…no coincidences, loves.  We did a full energy reading a few nights ago and spirit was definitely guiding her to trust her intuition.  Which I know first hand is not so easy to do.   EVERYTHING is Divinely orchestrated, pretty fucking mind blowing when you realize how it all works.  Opening and strengthening your third eye is essential in understanding how the Universe works.

In high school, I started to get severe migraines.  Blood tests were done, doctors seen, meds given…but no explanation for why I they were happening.  Maybe anemia, dehydration, anxiety, over sensitive…what a fucking joke.  Migraines continued off and on throughout my life until I started meditating.  It wasn’t anything modern medicine could answer, as with most things there was a much simpler ancient way of curing my migraines…self-awareness, trust in myself and learning how to do this through practices like meditation, yoga, journalling (I do automatic/channeled writing), clean eating and trial and error.  One of my favorite things about using Tarot cards is the help they give in confirming what I am receiving through my spidey senses (the name for my psychic abilities).  My migraines were the physical manifestation of not listening to and trusting my intuition.  Some of the other symptoms of a blocked 6th chakra are:  anxiety, depression, insomnia, eye ans/or facial problems, like cataracts or acne.

There is so much more to see than what’s physically in front of your face and that’s where your third eye comes in.  When it’s blocked you will feel a lack of focus, poor judgment/imagination and are unable to see beyond the physical.  Most humans are here, the third eye has been made out as something only for the bat-shit crazy…the programming is deep on this one, peeps.  We have been taught not to trust our intuition, to always go logical, but some shit just isn’t logical.  Our intuition is tied to our emotional body…if it feels right, looks right than it’s a go…sure that one makes sense.  If it feels wrong and looks wrong…it’s wrong.  No fucking surprise there.  Now how about this…if it looks wrong, but feels right…what do you do?  Most overthink it and go with logic, ignoring the feeling…bad move…that is usually where we fuck it up…it goes against our intuition.  When I made the decision to retire from teaching, it looked wrong, real fucking wrong…not just to me, to everyone.  It felt right, though and when I signed that paper, it was pure freedom…it felt so fucking amazing and I felt lighter than I had in years.  It was terrifying and logically it made very little sense, but how it felt was all I needed to know that I made the right decision.  Last one, what if it looks right, but feels wrong…DON”T FUCKING DO IT!!!  Lol, no seriously, don’t go there…whatever, or whomever it is, stay the fuck away…trust your feeling it fuels your intuition.

An overactive Third Eye is a whole ‘nother ball game of whackadoodle and feel it explains a number of mental illnesses (we’ll go there another day).  Nightmares, delusions, hallucinations, obsessive behaviors and seeing too many entities and/or spirits are what happens when one has an overactive 6th chakra.  I can honestly say that nightmares are really the only one of these symptoms I’ve experienced and it’s been a hell of a long time since even that has happened.  As a child, trauma was the catalyst to my nightmares and a period of sleepwalking.  I don’t really remember much except they occurred during a time that I felt scared and very alone.  When I do childhood regressions to heal my inner child, I generally don’t “see” the experience, I feel it…I literally feel the emotions of how I felt at that time…it’s how I work as an Empath and my strongest psychic ability.  Clairvoyance is something new to me that really began opening around the summer solstice and I am just beginning to get comfortable with being shown things.  I can totally empathize with those who experience and overactive 3rd eye now, as “hallucinations” or visions, can make you feel absolutely bat-shit crazy.  I believe this is why so many are labeled mentally ill, when they are actually awake and open to the non-physical.

The seat of the Third Eye is the Pineal Gland…I’m going to get a little scientific here, but not too much…I am jsut starting to learn and study the science part of spirituality and it is fucking mind blowing.  Have you ever heard of the Pineal gland?  Did we learn this in anatomy classes?  I know I sure didn’t and why the fuck not?  It’s a part of my body and I’m kept in the goddamn dark about it…fucking mind control, programming, this shit is fucked up, y’all.  Anyways, the pineal gland is a gland located  in the brain, where I’ve described the location of the 3rd Eye chakra…I’m going to attach some related articles and shit, because quite honestly the science part is not my forte…I know this, Fluoride, that has been given to us for many years, calcifies and blocks the pineal gland.  Our government has been giving as something that is meant to control our ability to use our 3rd eye chakra, as well as, causing cancer.  I have recently began practices that help decalcify the pineal gland in order to have my 3rd eye functioning as it should.  Sunlight is a big one that helps do this, as well as, changing my diet.  We are being controlled through our food, our water supply, our media…fucking everything and all will be exposed soon, why not get a jump on the massive shifts that are happening in the human collective?  I will do a blog next week on foods and chakras.  Enough science and anarchy for now though.

This has probably gotten a little long winded, lol…guess all this 3rd eye activation I’m experiencing, along with telepathy has got me fired up about this amazing chakra.  It’s a fucking trip, y’all…the telepathy, my Twin Flame & I have been communicating through all of our chakras for quite sometime, but these current universal energies have ramped it the fuck up.  Truth, still quite surreal to know what someone (that I’m not even speaking to) is thinking and feeling at any given moment in the day and in dreams (5D), as well.  This eclipse is a great time to try meditation (if you don’t already do it) and go inward, use/open your 3rd eye chakra to get the answers you seek.  You are your own best guru…there are many, like me, who can offer guidance and healing, but ultimately it’s you that knows you best, you just have to get to know yourself at a soul level.  Once there, you will see how absolutely amazing and fucking powerful you are!!

Peace Love & Light Beautiful Souls


P.S.  Tomorrow I will be going on our YouTube channel…OhmMyGoddess to do eclipse readings for the Zodiac signs, check it out if your interested on what the Universe is asking you to release during this powerful shift.

The Unbecoming

I come to the realization that this journey we are on is not about becoming anything, but unbecoming.  Unbecoming who family, friends & society expects us to be, unbecoming who Ego tells us we are.  It’s about shedding all of the fears and insecurities, unbecoming adults and getting back to the open, joyful, vulnerability we had as children.  Children are underrated by adults, but the most perfect examples of how we, as adults, should be living our lives.  There were things I knew about myself as a child, I knew I was different, I knew I understood things about people that I had no justification for.  I knew that this made some people uncomfortable around me and others the complete opposite. I knew my “imaginary” friends weren’t imaginary.  The spirit world and Source have been communicating with me for as long as I can remember. Yet, I chose to ignore these gifts, to become what was expected of me. I’m not going to lie, I have some fear and insecurities in what I’ve discovered about who I am, but I am chosing not to live in the confines of fear, I am choosing to step into my truth and unleash my quirky, high vibin Goddess.  I am a divine feminine Twin Flame, an Empath healer and Psychic.
As much as I’ve shied away from talking about the Twin Flame partnership, it is an important part of who I am and why I’m here…to teach what I’ve learned on my journey. Twin Flames are the epitome of unconditional love & true partnership. They are the new blueprint of what a relationship could, and should be. But, to get to that you must find unconditional love of self first. For some twins it can take years before they are finally together.  Being a twin gives me a unique and awakened perspective on every type of relationship.
Empaths are very special people, if you have one in your life you are truly blessed. Everyone is capable of having empathy, but one cannot become an Empath. We are born the way we are and until we understand our gifts, the struggle is real.  We are able to physically feel the emotion of others. We are human lie detectors & know things through feeling energy & trusting our intuition. We are deeply affected by the energy of all living things. It’s so hard to explain to people that I literally, physically feel what their enrgy, at a soul level.  They can be talking from Ego and I am listening, but my intuition and ability to absorb energy/emotion tells me a much different story, the fear and insecurities behind the words being spoken.
Everyone has psychic abilities, even you. It’s a matter of being open to the possibility & allowing the abilities to develop. In my experience with kids, most are psychic, their abilities have not been shadowed by expecations and Ego. As we grow, we disconnect from these abilities. The Clairs are:
1. Clairvoyance the ability to see. This is not just visions, but can manifest in other ways.
2. Clairaudience the ability to hear. Ringing in the ears can be a sign of this.
3. Claircognizence the ability to know. You know when you just know something…that’s it working.
4. Clairsentinence the ability to feel.
I’ve attached a link with more information on these if you are interested. My clairs have developed rapidly through my awakening & daily meditation.  In fact, if I were to give one practice that will change you in ways you never imagined…will guide you in your unbecoming, it’s MEDITATE.  Of all the daily practices I’ve instilled this year, meditation has been the most powerful.  There is so much information already out there if you are interested in making it a part of your day.
We are born into this human existence, but our souls have never changed.  Experiences through lifetimes, create who we are at a soul level.  I have buried this my whole adult life believing that others wouldn’t understand (most don’t, they aren’t open to the possibilities), but fuck them anyways.  In this unbecoming I have found my soul’s purpose… using my unique combination of gifts, as an Empath healer and spiritual guide, to help others heal.  A healer cannot heal you (only you can do that), but holds space for you as you go through your healing process, to offer unconditional love, empathy & divine guidance on your journey to awaken your authentic, empowered inner goddess.

Peace, Love and Light Divine Goddesses


Not Bat-Shit Crazy…Bat-Shit Passionate Empathetic Badass

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Name? Title? Label?…Who Gives a Shit?

After I read Selfish Mitch’s post, I had to reflect about names, titles and labels.  Aren’t they all the same thing?  This prompted me to do some research.  I know the general definition of each, but I wondered if there was anything that truly makes them different.  Webster helped me out.

Webster defines name as “a word or phrase that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person or thing”.  Names…I have had 2 given to me.  Kristina was the name my birth mother chose for me.  I don’t recall if I was called it in the orphanage where I spent the first 3 months of my life.  What I do remember is her saying it, as an Empath and daily meditation, I don’t hear her per say, I feel her unconditional love.  What’s funny is I named every favorite Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kid, doll (you name it) Kristina.  When I was 13, my dad did some digging and made the Kristina discovery.  He then told me a story.  I was young, 4ish, when he was calling me to dinner one night.  He called several times and I didn’t answer.  This was unusual, I always listened to my dad.  So, he came up to my bedroom to see what was going on.  He said, “Allison, I’ve been calling you to dinner.” I turned and said to him, “I’m not Allison, I’m Kristina.”  Already, at age 4, I was confused about names.  Clearly, Allison is the second name.  Given to me by my adoptive parents, who are MY parents and will always be referred to as such.  I’ve never disliked either name, but to honor both of my mothers, AK, it is.

Webster defines title (as it relates to names) as, “an appellation (just a big word for name BTW) of dignity, honor, distinction, or preeminence attached to a person or family by virtue of rank, office, precedent, privilege, attainment, or lands”…hmmm?  Okay then, so a title is a name.  The only title that relates for me, per this definition, is that of teacher.  I recently resigned from a 15 year teaching career…so much to talk about there, so I’ll save it for another day.

Label: a descriptive or identifying word or phrase.  Here’s the one I keep getting hung up on.  If we’re cool with names & titles, what’s the fucking problem with labels?  From my perspective, here’s the problem…too many of them have been used to drive fear & insecurity, to keep us divided, believing the illusion of separation.  Male, female, black, white, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim…y’all know I could keep going on, but I feel you know where I’m going with this.  Words are funny that way, they are powerful, but only when given the power. I was talking to my 18-year-old daughter yesterday about being psychic.  She told me not to tell anyone, they would think I’m on drugs, or bat-shit crazy.  This is the power we can give to a word.  At 18, that’s how she would describe someone whose label is psychic.  A year ago, had she told me this, I would have never said a word to anyone out of fear.  I am a shit ton of labels, as all of us are, some of them not so great (I choose to focus on the great).  The only labels that matter though, are the ones YOU choose to define YOU.  And when others label you (and they will), YOU are the only one in control of how that label feels.  Others’ judgements are simply a reflection of their own insecurities.  If people associate psychic with bat-shit crazy, it is their problem…not mine, I know who I am.  To be honest, before my spiritual awakening, I wasn’t sure if people had these amazing Clair abilities.  Hell, I didn’t even know what an Empath was until my Twin Flame told me I was one.  Shit, I didn’t even know what a Twin Flame was until this past April. You wanna talk about some deep ass labels, look those ones up.

Allison Kristina:  woman, daughter, sister, mother, ex-wife, teacher, giver, healer, INFJ (for you Myers-Briggs people), psychic, Empath, friend, unsure of race, or heritage, but does it really matter? I am kind, loving, light, generous, feisty, intelligent, beautiful, protective, highly sensitive, introverted, occasionally funny, a total smart ass, loyal to a fault…I am ME, Wild Warrior Goddess, giver of unconditional love, empathy & compassion to all, because we are ONE.  I choose to see labels as celebrations of differences, opportunities to learn something new from someone.  So, who gives a shit what people think of YOUR name, title, or labels…Shine YOUR light, YOUR imperfect perfectness, live YOUR truth and it will spread to all around you.

So Webster may not have helped me understand what the difference is between these 3 words (other than more words), but I know…Humans.  We are the ones that give words their power.  May we use this power wisely.

Urban Dictionary gave the following definitions of my names:

THE coolest girl around. An Allison is super beautiful and has many talents. And she’s one of those girls you can go completely ballistic with and she won’t care. All the guys love Allison, and she has about a million friends. Also, Allisons always have very nice hair.
beautiful, sexy, and intelligent with a good sense of humor. loving, sincere, and trustworthy with an amazing personality. a tina has a beautiful smile enchanting eyes and a great figure with a killer ass. she is great in bed and a little kinky. she is everything a man wants in a woman.
Awesome!  I’ll take it:).
Peace, Love & Light Beautiful Souls
One Dope Spiritual Badass
P.S.  I’m dropping the Pink…a story for another time.

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