4 Key Areas of Self Care

Hello there!

We’ve been doing more on YouTube lately, but I just realized we’ve been negligent on adding the videos to the blog. I’m going to remedy that today and post them from oldest to most recent. We’d love any feedback, and if you have topics you’d like us to cover, or anything you want to ask us, feel free!

Here’s a video we did on 4 Key Areas of Self Care.

Oh, Yeah!

Leaping Before I Look


The Kool-Aid man busting through that wall is great imagery for how I handle things in my life. If I decide I’d like to do something, I don’t carefully research, gather all of my facts, write long pro/cons lists, consult with my family, friends (even if what I’m doing will affect them in some way), check with a professional mentor, or pray to any higher power. I acknowledge that my strategy isn’t always well advised, but it’s the way I get things done. I leap, then I look. I bust through the wall without considering everything that could possibly be on the other side of it; without really putting thought into if that wall will need repair and how I’m going to get it done.

That’s what I did when AK came to me with the idea of this blog. She had been meditating, doing yoga, doing a lot of reading and research on her path, and doing a lot of free form journaling. Since we’re super close friends and talk all of the time, she realized that parts of what she wanted to incorporate into her life were things I was already doing, like prioritizing self care, working on a healthy mind/body connection, and helping other women do the same. She thought combining our ideas and strategies would be really powerful, since we are going the same direction but taking different routes. It made a lot of sense to me, especially because self care and happiness looks different to every single person. What makes me feel whole, happy, and centered can be vastly different from what works for others. While AK was reading other blogs, free writing, and meditating on what she wanted to contribute, I thought up a name, modified it to make it work with what was available and who we are, set up the site, and knew that my content would flow pretty organically from there. If it doesn’t, I’ll work it out. For me, practice makes perfect. I put things into the world, often impulsively, and they come back to me how they’re supposed to. Sometimes they come back in the form of¬† ¬†wonderful things, and sometimes they come back as a disappointment and/or a lesson.

Let’s see what comes of this. I have three posts in the hopper today, because my brain has decided to be super active and focused, and I’m going to take advantage of that.

-Love, Selfish Mitch