About Us

This site is written, edited, and monitored by Allison Kristina and Selfish Mitch, two women in their 40s who have been best friends since they were 14 years old. We’re what a lot of people would consider to be polar opposites, but we have some really important things in common.

We both believe that one of the most wonderful things in the world is that all people are different. There’s no “one way” that everyone should be, and that’s what makes the world a beautiful place. We both really like to swear, and were thrilled when research surfaced that people who say fuck a lot are usually more intelligent than people who don’t. We’ve thought that for years, but it’s just nice to see it recognized by the scientific community.

We’re both straight women, but we’re passionate about LGBTQ rights, because we don’t think anyone should be asked not to live their truths. Come at us with bigoted, misogynistic, or racist comments and there’s a pretty good chance you won’t come back. We’re not intolerant of your opinions. You have every right to them, just as we have every right to choose to engage, or not, with what you have to say on our forum.

The core belief that we have in common, though, is that women in today’s world put themselves last, behind their families and their partners and their careers, and we think it’s a damn shame. We see that leading to depression, frustration, sadness, unsettled feelings of wanting, and anxiety in our peers, and yes, even in ourselves at times.

That’s why we came up with this blog and this mission. The two of us are sometimes very different people. Allison is very happy in still, contemplated thought, and Mitch is the one who can’t stop laughing at her own jokes in her head when she’s supposed to be quiet in a meeting or other situations. We do both thrive on alone time, but Mitch requires more attention than Allison does, by far. Allison strengthens her mind, body and soul through yoga and meditation, and Mitch’s head is clearest when she’s doing high interval training or jogging/hiking in a way her neurosurgeons wouldn’t be pleased to know about.

So, come, enjoy, celebrate, and engage with us as we go off on this journey. It’s not going to be perfect. In fact, we fully expect for it to get messy at times. Don’t be shy, and let us know what you think.

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