The Illusion of Separation

I fell a little bit of a rant coming.  The women’s marches last weekend had me thinking and meditating on the dis-empowerment of the divine feminine.  Let me get a little clarification out of the way, I rarely will speak in terms of gender, instead speaking in terms of energy.  Hear me out…inside of our human bodies are our souls…beautiful, perfect, divine energy.  Some souls are feminine, some masculine, but both exist in every soul.  One’s just more dominant than the other.  Hope that makes sense.  Anyways, back to the women marching.  I love it, I just feel it’s not quite right…yet.  So, what’s missing?  Women, other groups have been marching, protesting and rioting throughout time and still not much changes.  Why?  I feel it’s because we (as a collective) are still in Ego based thinking, focusing on the external instead of the internal.  “Be the change you want to see,” said Buddha. We cannot affect change in our society, if we ourselves are not willing to change.  Willing to see through the illusions, willing to see through the divide and conquer strategy that has worked since the beginning of time.

Separation is an illusion, beautiful souls.  It is BULLSHIT, taught by those who function from Ego.  Those who wish to instill fear, insecurity and ignorance to rule from a place of greed and power.  WE ARE ONE…we may look different, have different perspectives, life experiences, etc.  On the inside…we are all the fucking same.  We have the same wants, the same needs.  Guess what?  We’re all fucking angry…women, gays, minorities, so why aren’t we fighting for each other…together?   Let’s see through the division, the separation and begin to stand in our ONENESS.

We, as Americans, are modern-day slaves…EVERY FUCKING ONE OF US!!!  I know I am not the only one fucking pissed at the old outdated systems that intend to keep us fearful, insecure, ignorant…separate…thinking each other is the problem.  Men are not the enemy of women, whites are not the enemy of minorities, straights not the enemy of gays…get the point? Every fucking “group” at some point has been a target of people/governments/systems created from Ego. This petty shit is beneath us, WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!  7 days before his assassination JFK said, ” There is a plot in this country to enslave EVERY MAN, WOMAN and CHILD.  Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”  This was before I was even born…and what has changed?   The lightworkers, the awakened and truth speakers have continually been silenced.  I can’t even get started on the media and what false bullshit is put out every fucking minute.

I don’t know you guys, it seems so simple, yet we just can’t seem to get together.  It makes my heart sad to see all of the potential going unrealized.  I’m not sure what the solution is other than…LOVE (cliché, I know, but truth is truth)!!  Divine feminines, let’s fight for ourselves, as well as, everyone else.  We have it in us, our consciousness is rising. We are the nurturers, the givers of unconditional love and humanity needs us to step into our power.  To use our strength for the greater good.  Let’s speak our truths, let’s be the change we want to see.

Peace, Love and Light


Spiritual Rebel…Not a Feminist, A Humanist

P.S. Just as a side note…I love this country, but we all have a right NOT to love our government and the systems that seek to enslave us.


Author: Blackbird Goddess

We're two long time best friends collaborating on a blog about learning how to live a fuller life by putting yourself first, even though we approach life in very different ways.

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