The Unbecoming

I come to the realization that this journey we are on is not about becoming anything, but unbecoming.  Unbecoming who family, friends & society expects us to be, unbecoming who Ego tells us we are.  It’s about shedding all of the fears and insecurities, unbecoming adults and getting back to the open, joyful, vulnerability we had as children.  Children are underrated by adults, but the most perfect examples of how we, as adults, should be living our lives.  There were things I knew about myself as a child, I knew I was different, I knew I understood things about people that I had no justification for.  I knew that this made some people uncomfortable around me and others the complete opposite. I knew my “imaginary” friends weren’t imaginary.  The spirit world and Source have been communicating with me for as long as I can remember. Yet, I chose to ignore these gifts, to become what was expected of me. I’m not going to lie, I have some fear and insecurities in what I’ve discovered about who I am, but I am chosing not to live in the confines of fear, I am choosing to step into my truth and unleash my quirky, high vibin Goddess.  I am a divine feminine Twin Flame, an Empath healer and Psychic.
As much as I’ve shied away from talking about the Twin Flame partnership, it is an important part of who I am and why I’m here…to teach what I’ve learned on my journey. Twin Flames are the epitome of unconditional love & true partnership. They are the new blueprint of what a relationship could, and should be. But, to get to that you must find unconditional love of self first. For some twins it can take years before they are finally together.  Being a twin gives me a unique and awakened perspective on every type of relationship.
Empaths are very special people, if you have one in your life you are truly blessed. Everyone is capable of having empathy, but one cannot become an Empath. We are born the way we are and until we understand our gifts, the struggle is real.  We are able to physically feel the emotion of others. We are human lie detectors & know things through feeling energy & trusting our intuition. We are deeply affected by the energy of all living things. It’s so hard to explain to people that I literally, physically feel what their enrgy, at a soul level.  They can be talking from Ego and I am listening, but my intuition and ability to absorb energy/emotion tells me a much different story, the fear and insecurities behind the words being spoken.
Everyone has psychic abilities, even you. It’s a matter of being open to the possibility & allowing the abilities to develop. In my experience with kids, most are psychic, their abilities have not been shadowed by expecations and Ego. As we grow, we disconnect from these abilities. The Clairs are:
1. Clairvoyance the ability to see. This is not just visions, but can manifest in other ways.
2. Clairaudience the ability to hear. Ringing in the ears can be a sign of this.
3. Claircognizence the ability to know. You know when you just know something…that’s it working.
4. Clairsentinence the ability to feel.
I’ve attached a link with more information on these if you are interested. My clairs have developed rapidly through my awakening & daily meditation.  In fact, if I were to give one practice that will change you in ways you never imagined…will guide you in your unbecoming, it’s MEDITATE.  Of all the daily practices I’ve instilled this year, meditation has been the most powerful.  There is so much information already out there if you are interested in making it a part of your day.
We are born into this human existence, but our souls have never changed.  Experiences through lifetimes, create who we are at a soul level.  I have buried this my whole adult life believing that others wouldn’t understand (most don’t, they aren’t open to the possibilities), but fuck them anyways.  In this unbecoming I have found my soul’s purpose… using my unique combination of gifts, as an Empath healer and spiritual guide, to help others heal.  A healer cannot heal you (only you can do that), but holds space for you as you go through your healing process, to offer unconditional love, empathy & divine guidance on your journey to awaken your authentic, empowered inner goddess.

Peace, Love and Light Divine Goddesses


Not Bat-Shit Crazy…Bat-Shit Passionate Empathetic Badass

P.S.  Check out our Contact page for information on Tarot & Talk, a new service I am offering.  Also,  follow us on Instagram (akmitch1975) and Facebook will be up and running soon, as well as our YouTube channel.  I will be uploading video readings for the Twin Flame community, but they are always relevant to any romantic relationship and always have a ton of divine guidance for healing.




Author: Blackbird Goddess

We're two long time best friends collaborating on a blog about learning how to live a fuller life by putting yourself first, even though we approach life in very different ways.

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