Let Shift Happen

This year has been an incredible, sometimes painful, transformation of self.  I admit I have spent my adult life ignoring the signs the universe was giving me, I feel a lot of us have.  For me, there was no option…do you ever feel like the same shit keeps happening over and over?  The same shitty people in your life, just different faces?  I sure did.  That was definitely my thinking at the beginning of 2017.  The other big question I kept asking myself was…Why me? Why did all this shit keep happening to me?  The first question would be answered in April, when I was guided to Abraham Hicks & the Laws of Attraction.

After listening to Abraham a few times, it hit me…everything is energy.  I have to admit, being raised a Catholic, this was a huge belief system shock.  Even as a child, religion did not make sense to me, I never felt connected with it.  Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful aspects to all religions, but I’ve always felt Love is the true religion and we don’t need any of the rules created by religious organizations.  The combination of Science & Spirituality really, deeply resonated with me.  For the first time in my life, the Universe began to make sense.  So…The same shitty events with the same shitty people were my fault.  My energy was attracting the shit! By letting ego take the driver’s seat of my life, by living in the confines of fear & insecurity, how I felt about myself was manifesting externally.  Holy shit!!  This BS needed to change.  However, change is NOT easy, looking honestly at oneself is fucking tough and I was deeply saddened by what I saw.   I understood in that moment that if I wanted the life of my dreams, I had to shift my thinking…shift from Ego to Soul.

Since then, the shift from Ego to Soul has been profound. Ego is the mask we use to hide our fears and insecurities.  Ego not only blocks us from recieving all the abundance we deserve, it stops us from being our true selves.  Dissolving ego takes patience and practice. We have been so deeply programmed, by people & society, to let Ego run our lives we don’t even know it’s happening.  I love this graphic of Ego vs. Soul based thinking….

Be attached with the detached; EGO is not your identity.

Any of that sound familiar?  I began to accept the fact that I had been living from Ego (with a little soul here and there) my entire adult life and I was sick and fucking tired of it.  I began to instill daily practices that helped me shift…gratitude, self affirmations, focused breathing, reading & studying chakras and all things spiritual,  meditation, yoga and journaling.  I did NOT do these all at once (posts on each one are upcoming), they were gradual, but each profound in shifting perspective, in rediscovering my authentic goddess.

We live in an Ego based society, clearly…look at who represents us all as Americans (definitely more on that another day).  I can feel the collective energy wanting change, but we must understand that we cannot change others. The changes we seek must forst come within.  Those changes can only come from healing ourselves.  As our energy rises, the energy around us will rise as well.  That’s how vibrations work, my loves.  It is why we must focus on self…self-healing, self-care that leads to unconditional love of self.  We must see that every one of us is a perfect soul having an imperfect human experience.  As woman, we must rise into our goddess power to affect the change we want to see.

Peace, Love & Light Beautiful Souls


Goddess Unleashed

P.S.  This is your daily reminder that YOU ARE A FUCKING GODDESS…OWN THAT SHIT!!

Author: Blackbird Goddess

We're two long time best friends collaborating on a blog about learning how to live a fuller life by putting yourself first, even though we approach life in very different ways.

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