Gotcha there, didn’t we. Traditionally, “Om” is the spelling used when referring to yoga and meditation. I’ve also seen it spelled “Aum” and “Ohm,” but Ohm is more widely known as a scientific measure of resistance when it comes to electricity or energy.

There are a couple of reasons we went with “Ohm My Goddess” for the name of our site. First of all, you have AK Pink who is a yogi goddess and spiritual gangster. She can tell you more about herself, and she will soon, but rest assured, she’s the Om of this blog.

I’m Selfish Mitch. My mission with this blog is to help women take back their power by prioritizing self care. I’ve been called selfish my entire life, and it’s only recently that I’ve realized what a GOOD thing that can really be. I’m the Ohm, because women continually resist the energy within that tells them to say “no.” The pressure that they feel to be everything to everybody, the lies that society tells us that we must sacrifice all to put our needs below those of our romantic partners, our children, our careers, and other familial or financial factors. I call bullshit.

As someone who has changed my body and my life through health and nutrition, It’s really important to me to help other women do the same thing. I’m happier these days. I have a lot more energy from focusing on the 90/10 rule when it comes to nutrition. Food isn’t an emotional crutch for everything I thought I was lacking in my life anymore. It’s not my shoulder to cry on. It’s fuel my body and mind need to perform at their highest levels. Is my grocery bill higher than it used to be? A little, but not much. I do spend more time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals, but that’s an investment in myself and in everyone who depends on me.

As I speak with women who have noticed the changes in me and are interested in changing themselves in the same way, one thing sticks out to me and makes me really sad. The at-home workouts I do are anywhere from 22-52 minutes, and the number one reason women give me for not signing up is that they don’t have time for those workouts. These women aren’t wishy washy about the experience. They’ve generally been following my process for several months. They see my posts about how I’ve lost about 60 lbs this year. They’ve communicated that they’re impressed with what I’ve done, that they notice that the tone of everything I post on social media is a lot happier. I’m a more positive person, and it shows to people I see in person regularly and people who have followed my journey online. Most of the women who tell me they desperately want to make their own physical transformation bring up the time commitment, and that makes me sad. It makes me mad. What kind of a society are we that we put this kind of pressure on women to “have it all” at the expense of their physical and emotional health? I see these wonderful women throwing themselves into their careers and into their children’s extracurricular activities. And that’s wonderful, truly. My son is an adult now, barely, and one regret I have is not modeling a healthy lifestyle for him growing up. I was in the same trap. Working hard, taking him to practices, spending time with my husband, and occasionally, with my friends.

What I didn’t do was take time for myself. I tried half-heartedly to stick with going to the gym, but things always got in the way, because I let them. That’s the bottom line, and it honestly sucks to admit it. I allowed these things to steal my health and my joy, and I’m not doing it again.

I don’t do my best thinking and prioritizing while being still with yoga or meditation like AK Pink does. I have your classic ADHD brain, so my mind is clear and able to focus when my body is in motion. I like to push myself hard, beyond the boundaries that my spinal doctors recommend. Trust me, there are blogs on the US Medical System to come. Lots of them. We’re just not doing that today. When I get that first burst of endorphin energy (you’ll see the energy theme a lot on this site) my brain starts to function at its peak level. Almost all of my creative and professional breakthroughs have come while pushing myself to jog just a bit farther, or to finish an extra set of cross jacks, or dancing my ass off with Shaun T telling me to trust and believe.

I’m not giving up that 30 minutes a day for anyone. I refuse, and I want you to join me. Find your “thing.” One thing that both AKPink and I agree on is that we need strong bodies and strong minds, and taking time for ourselves and learning to tell other people NO is critical for happiness. You don’t have to abandon your family and live in a Yurt for a year, but take baby steps. Find your energy, your Om, your Ohm, your strong. Let me know if we can help.

  • With Love, Selfish Mitch

(Oh, and the second reason we went with ? OmMyGoddess was taken, as was Ohmmygoddess, but we still liked the name, and was already planning on incorporating Mitch’s Ohm energy. I’m more of a kinetic thinker and learner, so it fit anyway. Why is Goddess spelled with one D? That part is simple. Even though we’re sticklers for stuff like grammar and spelling, we’re not rich sticklers who can buy other people’s spendy domain names. So for now, bookmark us until we become wealthy and famous bloggers who can scoop up alllll the domains we want.)





Author: Blackbird Goddess

We're two long time best friends collaborating on a blog about learning how to live a fuller life by putting yourself first, even though we approach life in very different ways.

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